Powell Sullivan to sing on "Right"


I have exciting news regarding "Right". Nashville-based singer Powell Sullivan has agreed to sing the female vocal part.


Recorded my vocals for Right yesterday


We're in full holiday mode here, with the in-laws visiting and little kids pretty much ruling the roost for the last week and for the next few days as well. However, I was able to squeeze in a few hours of recording yesterday...


Electric guitar, lap steel, and keys for Right


Another super fun recording session today! I can't quite believe that I can sit here in The Hague listening and giving input as Josh sits in Nashville laying down tracks for Right.


Drums and bass recorded for Right


This week Josh and his Coyote Talk bandmate and Nashville-based drummer Alex Dobbert laid down drum and bass tracks for Right.


My Year 2018 on Spotify


A couple of days ago I got a really cool email from Spotify. Basically they tallied up my total listeners and streams for the year, and also sent me some interesting facts. I was pretty blown away.


First remote recording session with producer Josh Frigo


I am so excited about what I just spent the last 2 and a half hours doing!

I recently got in touch via soundbetter.com with Nashville-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Frigo...


Welcome (back)!


Hi, everyone, and welcome (back) to my official website. It's been a few years since I dedicated the proper time to this space. But with some exciting new music coming down the pipeline, I will be updating this website over the coming weeks and months. I hope you'll bookmark this page and come back regularly to see what's new.


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