First remote recording session with producer Josh Frigo

I am so excited about what I just spent the last 2 and a half hours doing!

I recently got in touch via with Nashville-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Josh Frigo. Josh has kindly agreed to produce my first new song (called Right) after ten years without recording. In a first for me, we're doing the whole thing remotely, with him in Nashville and me in the Netherlands. Since we agreed to try this, I have been really curious to see what it's like to make music with someone who is not in the same room (not even the same continent!), but so far I have to say that I am loving it. Josh is a super guy and a great musician. Maybe that's why it's been such a pleasure so far.

Tonight I skyped in as Josh put together a scratch demo to guide us through the rest of our recording process. Using Pro Tools, and working from a demo that I literally recorded as a voice memo on my iPhone, Josh put down some midi drums and keys and recorded scratch acoustic and electric and bass guitar tracks. The purpose was just to map out the structure of the song and get a sense of the feel and the flow, so it's far from polished, but already I am really liking the direction that things are taking.

Next Josh will send me the tracks in a rough mix so I can record some scratch vocals as an additional reference. After that, we'll move on to recording the actual tracks -- drums, bass, keys, and electric guitars in Nashville, and accoustic guitar and my voice here in the Netherlands. After that it will be back to Josh I assume for some backing vocals and another first for me -- featured female vocals. That's right -- Right is an all-out duet. I can't wait to see what we come up with.

It's been a great evening. This project has me excited and energized about this new music and also again about the whole idea of collaboration. Fun stuff!


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