Quick update on Right and a new project!

Hi, folks. It's been a couple weeks since I posted here, and it's been a pretty busy time.

First off, Josh and I finished recording Right. Powell Sullivan tracked a gorgeous vocal for the female side of the duet, to go with my vocals for the male side. I think it works really well. I especially love the parts where we sing together. Really nice work by Powell and by Josh, who produced and engineered during her session in Nashville. After Josh and I settled on a final mix, Alex Dobbert did a great job mastering it for us too. I can't wait to share it, although that will now probably wait a while, because of news items number 2 ...

Josh and I had so much fun working on Right (and he did such a great job) that we have decided to do a whole record together. He will produce 4 more songs for me during this first half of 2019, and 3 or 4 (or more, who knows?) additional songs in the second half of the year. Together with Right, those songs will be released as my first album in over a decade. I'm super excited about the prospect, about the process, and about everything. Because of both of our schedules, it will be kind of a drawn out process, but hopefully by the end of 2019 or early 2020, I will have brand new music out there again. Yay!

There's one other item to report, but I will put that in a separate post so that this doesn't get too long, and so that it gets the focus that I think it deserves...


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