For a number of reasons and based on a number of factors, the last 6 or 8 months have been a really great time for me musically. Somehow time and energy have opened up, and I have been writing more and better songs than I have in years. I can't explain how fun and satisfying that is, especially after a number of years in which I wasn't dedicating as much time to music as I would have liked, and during which that neglect was reflected in the quality and depth of a lot of the few songs I was finding time to write.

Now that the creative juices are flowing again, I want to do something to take my writing up a notch, to the next level. I want to learn more about how to create great melodies and how to match them to my lyrics. I want to try new approaches, and hopefully make some new connections and try co-writing. Basically, I want to get better at my craft.

One way to do that would be to continue to sit in my room playing guitar and writing songs, and watching YouTube videos for ideas and instruction. That's fine, and I will probably keep doing all of that. But I wanted something more.

Enter SongTown. is an online songwriting community created by Marty Dodson and Clay Mills, two outstanding songwriters with major hits under the belts in country and other genres. Basically they have set up a community in which songwriters can hone their craft, inspire and encourage each other, and learn from each other and from Marty and Clay and the amazing group of pros that they gather to help members out. I have only spent a couple days looking through the website since joining, but already I can tell that this is going to be an incredible fountain of knowledge for me. How much I can make of it will depend on me, but the resource is clearly there, and my experience so far has convinced me that Marty and Clay are doing this for all the right reasons.

I will write more on SongTown in the future, after I've had some time to settle in and take the temperature of the place some more. But I wanted to share the news, because I think this has such potential to improve my writing (and be super fun at the same time!).


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