I Just Want You

Colin Black

Americana/folk/country/singer-songwriter: this is the latest offering from Colin Black as he continues his growing tradition of great melodies, memorable stories, and all-acoustic instrumentation.

December 18: 2007: I Just Want You is the third and latest offering from Americana/folk singer-songwriter Colin Black. Twelve new and all original songs feature the strong melodies, powerful lyrics, and attractive yet simple acoustic instrumentation that have made his prior two CDs wear so well over time. Plus a great set of guest musicians, including stalwart Jerry Trapp and a host of other great players from southern Alabama and the mountains of North Carolina. All that, mastered by Grammy winner Charlie Pilzer! Don't miss the latest release from this talented songsmith!!

Colin Black was born in 1974 in Peoria, Illinois along the Illinois River. Around 1988, he began to spend summers and holidays in the small Gulf Coast community of Josephine, Alabama, where he was introduced to a vibrant local music culture (home to Guthrie Trapp, Jerry Trapp, Gove Scrivenor and others) in which song circles and late night jams were the most common entertainment. Circumstance subsequently carried him away from home to tread four continents, but the Mississippi River Valley and the Gulf Coast -- in other words, the roots of his life and his music -- continue to define the atmosphere of his songs.

Colin began playing acoustic guitar around 1990, and began writing songs soon after. Since then he has taken up harmonica and also occasionally plays (or tries to play ... ) electric guitar, lap steel, bass, cuatro, autoharp, concertina and whatever else he can get his hands on. But his emphasis is squarely and decidedly on songwriting -- finding words and a melody to tell a story or capture a moment or an emotion.

Colin only occasionally plays in public, although when he's home in Alabama you can often find him singing and playing with friends on the porch or in the lounge at Pirates Cove in Josephine, and until recently he also sometimes appeared in The Hague or Amsterdam, Holland, where he lived from 2002 to 2006. Colin remains principally a songwriter, however, and typically records at home on a Roland VS880EX digital 8-track. He self-released an untitled CD in 2001 (recorded and produced with Brian Rueb of New Orleans) and a second CD entitled "No. 2" in January 2005. His third CD, "I Just Want You," was released on December 18, 2007.

Colin currently lives in Washington, DC, and travels home to Alabama as often as possible. He has also lived in New Orleans; Madrid, Spain; San Juan, Puerto Rico; and The Hague, The Netherlands. For more information on him and his music, please visit www.ColinBlack.com.

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